Robert Hoffman Consulting​​​​

Websites Built Cheap!
(Lowest web design prices in the World)

Our setup fees generally vary from $50 - $75,
only going higher for very complex websites.

Our monthly maintenance fees are $10 - $30, again depending upon the complexity and frequency of updates.

If you want a simple website like most of those listed here,
we can most likely do it for you for 
$50 down and $10 per month!

Call now at 256.603.2404 or email [email protected]

Basic Website : Includes domain name registration, design, and construction of a basic site. Most can be completed and online within 1-2 days. Then we'll maintain it or we'll train you to do it.

Price dependent on number of webpages, complexity of content (e.g. animation, photos, videos, online sales, etc.), and frequency of updates planned, but most can be done at the $10 price. Monthly maintenance fees include annual domain name renewal, server space, hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Responsive Web Design (RWD), updates as desired, and all costs for keeping your site active and updated.

All of our sites are also registered with the major search engines (e.g., Yahoo, Bing, Google). Contact us and we'll discuss your needs - Phone is 256.603.2404 and email is [email protected]

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization: Things we do on the web pages and in the HTML code behind the pages to get the attention of Search Engines to put your site as close to the top as possible.

RWD - Responsive Web Design: Developing web pages to enable them to determine what type of device (e.g., phone, tablet, laptop) is being used and to accommodate that device as necessary for best display.

DIY - Build Your Own Website!

Anybody can build a website, right? Sure, and after a couple of years, you can look back at what you originally built and laugh at how amateurish it looks. I know, because I do that when I look at what I built back in 1999. PLUS, their are many online sources now that offer FREE website building options. But beware, don't forget TANSTAAFL - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!

Most people that try to do it themselves find that by the time they pay the domain registration, website hosting, and server charges, it costs them more than the $10 per month that I charge. In addition, they're usually limited on the number of pages and photos that they can produce. They also  don't get the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Responsive Web Design (RWD) that most professional webmasters like myself offer.

If they choose one of the "free website" options, they might find that their viewers are inundated with popups and other types of advertising, in addition to the limitations mentioned above. Over the years, many of the "free" providers ultimately decided that they needed to start charging, leaving users with the option of trying to switch all their pages to a new provider or paying whatever fees were being charged.

All that being said, I applaud those who are successful at doing their own website. That's exactly how I got started and I've learned all the tricks of the trade on my own, mostly by trial and error. I now maintain a significant number of websites and can still offer the lowest rates available by applying some simple cost advantages that I've discovered in my 18 years of designing and building websites. On top of that, I still really enjoy building websites and being able to offer people their own "window to the world."